Looking for Interns

 Duration: 3-6 months

Starting time: Any time from October 2022.

Duty description

1. Assist with the updating of the ICES website and other social media.
2. Assist with the preparation and organization of events or activities hosted by ICES.
3. Assist with the research of the ICES, including writing op-eds or commentaries on subjects with which the ICES is concerned.
4. Assist with producing newsletters of ICES.
5. Other duties relating to the daily operation of the ICES.

Please note that we do not accept remote or online interns. However, specific working hours in office could be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Reasonable remuneration could be offered based on specific circumstances.

Any candidate with a background in one of the following subjects is welcome to apply: international relations, law, economics, business, trade, climate change or ocean science/governance.
Candidate with a background in any other majors can also be considered based on specific merits.
Expertise or interest in China or Asian affairs is not required but would be a plus for our deliberation.
Languages: English and French are required, with other languages a plus qualification.
Other skills: Knowledge on computer and internet sufficient in conducting the above major tasks.
Applicant may send CV and a motivation letter to [email protected]

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